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Seyfried forgets Channing smooch.

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  • Amanda Seyfried doesn't remember kissing Channing Tatum. The blonde star worked with Channing on the 2010 romantic drama Dear John, where the Hollywood pair played lovers. While appearing on Nick Grimshaw's breakfast show on BBC Radio 1 today, listeners called in to quiz 28-year-old Amanda on Channing's kissing techniques.

    "I don't remember ... I'm pretty sure it was great. It was easy! He's a funny guy," Amanda laughed. "I felt like a million bucks afterwards. You want to talk about confidence? That guy gives you confidence. So generous," chimed in Seth MacFarlane, who joined Amanda for the interview.

    The two stars are currently in London to promote their new movie A Million Ways to Die in the West, a comedy western that was written and directed by Seth. Family Guy creator Seth also takes on the lead role of Albert, starring opposite Amanda, Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson and Neil Patrick Harris.

    "The only part that was new, was the acting," Seth said, when asked what challenges he faced while filming. "But again I had Amanda, I had Charlize, I had Neil. I have this great cast of people. Every time you're playing opposite somebody it's one of these people who is so good and so experienced there just throwing stimulus at you and it just makes it easier.

    " While Amanda confessed that she was feeling jet lagged, Seth was on top comedy form and shared with Radio 1 fans his unique way to beat tiredness while flying from country to country. "I'm actually having a better transition then I have in the past .

    I figured out that you stay up till five in the morning drinking in New York, and then you get on a plane at 8am and come out here and you're in bed by 12. I've actually acclimated very nicely. All thanks to booze," he laughed.


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